Its really weird to have total strangers that you’ve never met or heard of have intense passionate hatred for you. 

I’ll never get used to it. 

You can’t even say anything back to them because you literally didn’t know they existed before they popped up talking shit.

You can’t make yourself get mad at them back in that short of a timeframe. 

You’re just like

"…. oh….."


It’s the weirdest thing to me. 


Vintage Measurement Table

Diana Ross, ph. Harry Langdon, 1970. 

ive been on tumblr for like 30min…i made a move to just turn around and sleep but it sucked me back in to scrolling down the dash….its been 30 fucking minutes and tumblr has gained control of me again….

Its been a long ass time since i been on…

only thing thats changed is the amount of weed i smoke…

I only reblog important things…


Harry Potter, puppies, & sex


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